I enjoy reading bloggers' posts at the beginning of the year as they describe resolutions and goals, sometimes using one word to envision the new year.


Last year was a year of changes for us. My husband began a new, challenging job that also had him traveling, usually every other month for one week. My husband and I took the leap and began working together as my son's T-ball coaches in the Spring and then as co-teachers to Pre-K age children at our church. Although we have a seamless "working" relationship at home, we hadn't done so in our community. As I look back on those times, though, they seem like a perfect fit for us. Our children continued with their regular schooling activities, and we began new adventures for them in the Fall with a homeschool choir group and flag football team for our son. There were other intentional changes we made too. As I type these details it might seem like the year was a big one for us, but my husband and I both knew it was time for all of those changes, and so they really didn't overwhelm me, as sometimes change can!

This year? I envision simply to continue. This month marks the 10th anniversary of me solely being a homemaker, and June marks 15 years of marriage. I love milestones; not in an "I made it" way, but in a looking back to all that has been lived way. The transition to both marriage and homemaking were sweet, I longed for both deeply at their respective times, but I had so much to learn - sometimes I thought too much! Although I don't feel that I have arrived (or ever will), I do sense that I now have a good foundation regarding food preparation, gardening, homeschooling philosophy, caring for an extrovert child and an introvert child, supporting my husband's endeavors, and knowing how to best take care of my own health and interests. 

I don't envision great changes for us this year, although only God knows what the future holds. I anticipate continuing to grow in the areas in which I have responsibility. I want to continue to learn (mostly through reading) and be creative (mostly through making and baking). I want to continue to grow in kindness and joy as I live out my days. I want to continue to make wise choices about healthy living (it might be as simple as getting fresh air, eating well and reading good books!).

Elisabeth Elliot is known for saying more than once "do the next thing." This year, I want to do the next thing, inspired by God's beauty and joy.

(The pictures are of two African Violet plants purchased on New Year's Eve. These can be difficult plants to grow, but I think I have the perfect spot in the house for them to thrive!)