winter walk

In every walk with nature
one receives far more than he seeks.
John Muir

Before our area receives snow and cold temperatures (there is a prediction of three degrees for Monday morning), I was hopeful we'd be able to have a walk in the woods. Today with it being so warm (in the thirties!), we ventured out. It's funny how thirty degrees DOES feel warm right now. My family was bundled up, so we set off. I love a hike in the snow, and as there were just a few inches on the ground, it was not a struggle to move along and we walked for almost two hours. The fresh air and open space do wonders for me, but it was awesome that since there was snow on the ground we were also able to see so many different animal tracks. I did take pictures and once I talk with my resident naturalist, I'll post them with descriptions. We saw deer, turkey, fox, squirrel, rabbit, mice and more tracks. It was a beautiful, quiet afternoon stroll; one of my favorite Winter activities.