25 days until spring

For today's 'thinking of Spring' moment I am going to share what is on my What-To-Do-Before-the-First-Day-of-Spring list.

Clear the garden.

Put up garden structures.
Trellises and such for vine to grow on.

Pick up 4 chickens.
We purchase our first chicks four years ago, and it's time now to purchase more. Three of the first four hens have "passed on" (if you know what I mean) and my husband needs to "take care of" the fourth. There are extra chores involved with having chicks around, but we're excited for the cuteness (and eventually the fresh eggs, once again).

Have 2 tree stumps ground.
Two years ago we had the final two unsightly, unhealthy trees taken down from our backyard. We simply now need to have the stumps ground. We'll use the wood chips to mulch the garden. It's just one of those let's-get-this-done things.

Transplant Nanna's Magnolia tree.
My husband's aunt has a Magnolia tree she'd like to give us that is currently growing in her yard. We are always up for a plant hand-me-down.

Transplant Dad's Honeysuckle vine.
Like above, my Dad has some Honeysuckle vine he'd like to share with us. This vine can overtake an area, but the blooms are beautiful and the scent intoxicating so we won't mind the extra bit of care.

Purchase grass seed.
There is one garden bed in the front yard that has never looked right. It was created before we arrived. We've worked with it all these years, but last year I decided it was finally time to give up and just make it grass again,.

Prepare garage.
We use the garage as an outdoor prepping area during most of the year. We house our bikes in there so they are ready to be ridden on the street or put in the truck to go on a trail. The chicks will live in the garage until big enough to be put in the outdoor coop. And we use the open space to house supplies for our next project, because a next project is inevitable!

Clear out the barn.
Our barn, though not that big, houses a lot of stuff. Yard toys, tools, pots, baskets, the mower, fishing poles, gates, etc. At least two times a year we sort through the barn to toss out trash, broken items and reorganize. It's quite a lived in area and needs the care.

These are the major items, that we'll probably pencil in on the calendar just to make sure we take care of them on our free Saturdays before baseball season. I have little things I'd like to do, but they aren't essential and if I have time for them, great, and I just might post them here; but if not, that is great too.


Julie Gates said…
I love lists! They make things feel doable otherwise I feel overwhelmed with the list floating in my head!