26 days until spring

You may not think this picture has anything to do with Spring, and besides that I'm a day late! However, in a round-about way this picture is indicative of Spring.

For us it is difficult to schedule time to see friends through the cold weather months. It's busy because of the holidays, we have a set schooling schedule and the weather frequently inhibits getting together. It's so much easier to see people come Spring and Summer. Yesterday, even though it is still Winter, we did get together with great friends. I knew that if we didn't schedule our time that we wouldn't see them until after the busyness of Spring sports (for our children). So an amazing lasagna dinner was eaten, Hearts was played, and chocolate cake was eaten. This chocolate cake is pretty great, so here is the link. Our time yesterday with friends just gave me an inkling of the warm days we'll get to soon spend with more friends. Slowly, but surely Spring is coming!