27 days until spring

Unknown, invasive, pretty plant.
It took us forever to eradicate it from the front yard garden beds.

Sweet 2nd Mother's Day.

Such a peaceful little lady in the early days,
often wearing this thoughtful gaze.
Many times today she can still be found
to be just as peaceful and thoughtful.

Today's anticipation of Spring takes me to looking at pictures of the past.

All these pictures are from the first two years in our home,
which are also the first two years of my daughter's life.
At this time I didn't garden, my husband did.
To put it plainly, I was ignorant about all things gardening.

All I wanted, and all I still want, for my home
was to be a place of simplicity, beauty and peace.
Looking at these simple, floral photos I can see that evidenced early.
Just a couple years later gardening and I would become the best of friends.

Gardening's beauty, physicality, frugality, simplicity and peace
would become just too much for me to resist.