28 days until spring

My vegetable seeds have been organized, 
and stay comfortably chilled in the refrigerator until planting time.

I have the vegetables grouped by what month they will be planted.
Some vegetables will be planted in more than one month
with the hope of having a continual harvest of that item.

In March we usually plant on or around the first day of Spring, the 20th.
In April we also aim for the 20th.
In May we plant our vegetables and flowers (not listed)
on Mother's Day weekend.
We haven't planted vegetables in June before, 
but we have some heat tolerant greens this year.
Salad through July and August will be a nice addition
if the seeds do well in our traditionally sweltering Summer weather.

This is only a list of the seeds to be planted,
not the plants to be purchased 
(such as tomatoes, peppers, herbs and potatoes).

I've mentioned in the past, but I'll do it again,
all our vegetable seeds are ordered from a Missouri company
This will be the 11th garden we've planted with seeds from this company,
and we've only been pleased with what has been produced from them.