local coffee

This morning is a linger in bed kind of morning. And since all mornings are not this way, I am soaking up the goodness. Our Midwest winter continues to give ice, snow, freezing temperatures. A cozy, warm bed on a Saturday morning is not a bad place to be.

A few years after we moved into our home in a small-ish town surrounded by the big city, our small-ish town received the gift of a coffee shop. Although not coffee snobs or even connoisseurs my husband and I do know what a good cup of coffee tastes like. In the Kansas City area we do not lack for amazing coffee and restaurants.

Well, how wonderful that this coffee shop, Benetti's Coffee Experience, is located just down the street from us. I have truly never had a better Vanilla Latte, and we have frequently purchased their coffee beans. A couple weeks ago I asked my husband if he thought we could buy the beans in bulk. It didn't hurt to ask and the owner, Ben, said no problem we just have to pre-order.

This past week my husband picked up this large bag of coffee beans. We've never purchased beans in bulk, so this was fun for us. I'm keeping track of how many cups of coffee we can make from this bag (usually we have one cup of coffee each per day), just to see the cost breakdown and how long the bag lasts.

I drink my coffee black, and my husband drinks it with honey and whole milk; we prepare it by using a French Press (that sounds fancy, but I purchased the press for $20 five years ago, and we like the flavor better than a coffee pot). We are always amazed by the full, smooth flavor of Benetti's coffee beans; and like the same of the shop it is something of an experience!


Julie Gates said…
Sure do miss that coffee!