18 days until spring


My daughter's new pixie cut gave me the idea of creating hair clips for her.
I've had this idea tucked away for awhile, just never followed through on it.
Saturday while at a craft store I stocked up on supplies:
clips, felt accessories and buttons, already having glue sticks at home.
Knowing we'd be home bound with the anticipation of so much snow,
it was nice to have this simple projecting waiting for me today.
It took me just under two hours to hot glue ten clips together
while we watched Night at the Museum for the first time. Fun movie.
Since it is set in New York's Natural History Museum it made me 
feel like we were back at the Field Museum in Chicago.
Ella is so pleased she's ready to pick out the next buttons.
How does this anticipate Spring? 
Well, just look at the colors! They scream warm weather to me.