and now...spring.

Emily Dickinson's Gardens: a celebration of a poet and gardener
by Marta McDowell

Well, it's been a number of days leading up to Spring without any photos or posts. Honestly, the life I lead sometimes gets quite busy with teaching and homemaking so much so that there is little room left for extras. Don't feel bad for me. I always make time at the end of the day for reading and relaxing; some times that just doesn't include forming a blog post! Also, I absolutely adore the life I've chosen, and when the days are full to bursting I just think of the goodness that I get to experience. Often I'm surprised at how much I like the work of my day job.

Today does mark the first day of Spring. How wonderful! The kids have been spending hours each day outside soaking up the warm weather, playing their imaginative games, using muscles that have lain dormant (and telling us of their aches later). If the weather stays warm (in the 60's) this weekend will be a great time to plant our first seeds in the garden. 

After reading Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life by Marta McDowell, I found that the author also wrote Emily Dickinson's Gardens, which is my current reading material. Can I just say? This is a fascinating read. It's always intriguing to put an author's life in context of time and situation in order to make sense of what she wrote; and to have that context be gardening, well, it is just a fit for this reader. Reading this book is a good segue leading me from the relaxing, hibernating life of Winter to the warm, sunny enjoyment that is Spring.