crazy beauty

My mother-in-law gave me some Grape Hyacinth bulbs a few years ago.
They sat in the refrigerator for I don't know how long,
and then I planted them in the front garden bed one Fall,
but I'm not sure when. 
So much for being a detailed gardener!

However, the bulbs didn't care about those details.
They survived their dormancy
and simply needed earth as a home from which to grow.

As I pulled the leaves from the front beds,
I came across thin green shoots that looked like grass, but more delicate
and I thought, "the Grape Hyacinths are growing."
There must be something garden-y about me,
because, yes, I was right!
About six bulbs have bloomed, and I'm so thankful.

Hand-me-down plants are just the best
because they are connected to the people in one's life.
The trees we recently transplanted from my husband's aunt and uncle,
the Honeysuckle we transplanted from my parents,
and these Grape Hyacinths from my husband's mother,
the Forsythia bushes given to my husband's grandmother who has already passed
they all grace the yard with beauty
and are connected by memory and relationship.