kauffman memorial gardens

Each season I have ideas of visiting local gardens with the intent to enjoy the plants in that particular season. As the weather turns warm in Spring I always think of visiting local gardens to enjoy the early blooms. I'll be honest, this rarely happens! However, this past weekend we did go into the city for lunch as a family and had time to stop at the Kauffman Memorial Gardens. I have visited these gardens before, but never this early in year. Our efforts were rewarded as we saw amazing blooms on a warm, sunny day. This is a two-acre plot in the city next to the University of Missouri-Kansas City campus and Kauffman Foundation. In a way it takes me back to the time I studied at U.M.K.C. and worked at the foundation. This garden was planted near the time I ended my employment at the foundation, otherwise I would have walked there each work day for lunch! It's a beautiful space, free for the public to enjoy. We had just enough time for an half hour stroll, but it is on our mind to return and linger with books to read. Besides, we need to go back in May to see the lilac trees in bloom!