spring green

All the emerging green outside? It's a feast for my eyes, and so, so welcome. The children and I wandered the backyard recently after a rainstorm looking for life, looking for green. So much life is to be found, if only I will look for it. Recently covered by blankets of leaves and snow, we're so grateful the snow melted and are now gradually pulling back the blankets of leaves to discover the life coming out of the ground.

Rose Bush

Dandelion Leaves
(maybe I'll be brave and use them in a green smoothie for the first time...)


 Wild Rose Bush
(dug out of a neighbor's wire fence years ago, and now has over 30 buds!)

Lemon Balm

(we should have thinned them out last year)




Speedwell Veronica


So jealous of all your green. We are still brown here. I love the early stages when the plants 1st come out! It is such a gift!