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Thursday, May 29, 2014

may, coming to a close

May's goodness is coming to a close. It has been full of blooms - clematis, roses, peonies - all such a luxury to grow. It has held lemon birthday cake, Tollhouse cookies and homemade hamburger buns (why don't I always take time to make homemade?!). We closed out school with a compilation history project covering 1,000 years of American history. I haven't settled on our Summer break routine, but I will find it because a routine, even a loose one, is healthy for all. May held the discovery of a Robin mama building her nest oh-so carefully on the gutter right by our garage door. Each time we left the house we disturbed her nesting. However disturbed, her diligence paid off and four robins were born. Already it is an empty nest, but we let the little bird home linger. I think it a lovely decoration. Green smoothies and dinner salads are now daily staples as the garden is bringing forth lettuce, kale, spinach and swiss chard in abundance. Here's hoping the blooms on the blackberry plants aren't just playing with our expectations for fruit come July!

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