painting by numbers

I've mentioned before that when my daughter was a toddler
I stumbled on art as a way of finding something for her to do that she enjoyed. 

I think we can be funny about labels, and why I don't call my daughter an artist
I do describe her as one who enjoys creating. 
On the flip side, while she doesn't enjoy organized sports,
I do describe her as athletic. See? Labels are funny.

Anyway, around age four or five I bought Ella her first paint by numbers,
which she enjoyed;
and by just counting the paintings on her wall 
I guess I've purchased about one kit per year since then for her to paint.

Her latest kit she picked out herself of a dog, cat and bird.
It is the most difficult kit so far,
difficult meaning tiny details to paint, and colors to create by mixing paint,
but she painted it splendidly.

What is great is these kits are reasonably priced at my local craft store, 
all have been purchased under $10,
and provide hours, days of quiet activity.
When the process is complete we have a sweet creation
to display in our home.
That is a win-win, I say.

In fact, now I am interested in painting and have added a kit to my birthday wish list!