and then, rain

The month of May was quite dry, 
and so we hand watered the garden ourselves using the rain barrels.

June, however, has turned out to be the gardener's friend 
as we have had ample rain to water the garden, 
and it is showing. Bloom after bloom after bloom!
The garden has also allowed for a bit of mud play as you'll see below.

I'm serving Spinach and Lettuce salads at dinner each evening 
and no one is complaining, 
especially my pocketbook.
This time of year meals are so simple: 
prepare some protein and add garden vegetables 
(as well as some carbs if were extra hungry). 
The diversity of our vegetable selection will increase soon, 
but I have to say that eating fresh salads each evening does not get old.

The last picture is of the entire garden, 
or at least as much as the camera could capture. 
It really doesn't do justice to the garden as a whole. 
Maybe next time I'll stand on a ladder for an aerial view.

black Hollyhock bloom

Annabelle Hydrangea blooms

Fava Bean blooms

Hobbit Feet
a little boy longs for the shire!

black Hollyhock blooms

Oakleaf Hydrangea bloom

Squash bloom

The Garden