summer goodness

Annabelle Hydrangeas

Dill Bloom

Morning Glory

Parisienne Carrots

Trumpet Vine Blooms

Wren House
A Father's Day gift, first hung on that day, and now we have a Wren building his house,
singing his song, preparing for a mate! 

Celebrating 15 years of marriage!
(I'm a bit tilted in this pic, but I like our smiles.)

Grilled Bacon Wrapped Chiciken 



Vanilla Cake

I feel like my life is on a rotation of the following: swimming, baseball, gardening, getting with friends, celebrating, repeat! 

This time of year is always so full for us, and I've finally figured out how to enjoy each day, each moment. Plan for the future, enjoy the present. As long as we get adequate rest and eat healthy we seem to stay happy, enjoying this busy season. 

The yard is so green and lush, bursting with blooms that the other day I told my husband I was so sad about Winter coming (um, albeit six months away...we just passed the first day of Summer!). I'm actually glad I thought of gray, dark, cold Winter because it will make me soak up this season for what it is worth knowing that it will not always be. I feel the need to do that in my everyday. My age, my marriage, the children growing ~ this current state is not forever, so the sweet moments, the challenges; my goal is to consciously live present and full, recognizing God's gifts for each day. 


So good to see you Sunday! You and Jess look great! You are so right about enjoying the summer months, they will be gone before we know it!