pattypan squash

Part of our everyday is to now search out squash bugs and cucumber beetles (to kill them!), harvest from the garden, and freeze what large portions of vegetables have accumulated. This morning I processed six large squash, two of which were the beautiful squash seen below, called White Scallop or Pattypan. This is the first year we've grown this squash variety, and we are more than pleased. It is a hearty grower, our largest producer this year so far, is a harder squash (as compared to zucchini that are so watery), and are sweet to the taste. 

I love dicing these, removing the seeds, sauteeing in olive oil and served with a dash of sea salt. Simple and so good! These are also great for freezing, just like any other squash, and visions of soup are in my head for a cold day. Our days are filled with so many fresh vegetables in June, July and August that I really desire to figure out how to extend the goodness to the rest of the year. I think each year we do better and better. Although we didn't intend to add any more garden boxes this year (for next year's growing season), when my husband mentioned last night about expanding the garden I admit that I got excited...