august beauty

All I seem to write about in this season is the garden, 
but I think that is because I'm usually processing one vegetable per day for the freezer
and the garden provides such great pictures to share.

However, most of our time isn't actually spent in the garden
Sometimes it's spent drawing with Dad.

My daughter purchased You Can Draw by Parragon Books Ltd. recently,
and it's been a great resource of creativity for her.

Oh, here I am back to the garden photos, though!
Really, parts of the garden are turning crispy,
the decline is closer than I think,
Autumn will be here soon
and all these colorful photos will cease!
So I share them while they are here.

All of the Sunflowers growing in the yard were volunteers 
leftover from seed put in the bird feeders.

A new Squash for us called , Squash Zucchino Rapicante, 
but we've nicknamed it the Snake Squash.
It has a wonderful taste, sweet and mild, like the Pattypan Squash.

A new variety of Morning Glory given to me by my mother-in-law.
Quite a stunner, I think, with those blue stripes!

Wild Flower Coreopsis

Basket Gourd

Birdhouse Gourd

Grandma Jane's Cypress Vine
I didn't plant it from seed, this year,
but it voluntarily grew amongst the Zinnias and seems happy there 
using those plants as its trellis.

A raised bed full of Spinach, Cilantro, Swiss Chard and Kale - Yum!

The hens are much calmer now that those feisty Roosters were turned into our dinner!

It is back-to-school time, and what made sense to me when we first had children 
is what continues to make sense to me a decade later.

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