in the kitchen, from the garden

I've never joined a Blog Hop, but decided today was the day to do so!
Heather at Beauty That Moves writes about gardening, whole foods and homeschooling,
and I enjoy so much reading and learning from her.
So I've joined in with her today to display what's been cooking in my kitchen.

Do click on her blog to see the beauty that she shares.

Squash sauteeing in olive oil

Roma Tomatoes and Russet Potatoes

The last of the Finn potatoes sauteeing with onions

Veggies being prepped for stirfry: lima beans, squash, green beans, peppers, onions, carrots

Fried Chicken Salad...a family favorite

All the food pictured was grown in our garden with the exception of the chicken, cheese and onions!


My Simple Life said…
hello rachel,
everything looks delicious!!!
greetings, regina
Ms Howtheylived said…
What wonderful vegetables! and doubly wonderful that they're homegrown! It's so nice to "meet" you, this is a lovely blog hop!
Ock Du Spock said…
So much wonderful produce coming from your garden! It looks beautiful and delicious :)