the august garden

320 square feet of the lovely vegetable garden

 the lavender bush is just beginning to bloom.
i've come across recipes for lavender chamomile tea and lavender mint tea,
so the blooms will be harvested and dried for tea this year

a former potato box that has been harvested
and now is the catch all for old vine (these are squash) that will be composted later 

 cherry and grape tomato bushes
i've let them grow and run wild this year and they seems happy about it

 the new baseket gourd plants are still growing,
although the brown leaves and vines indicate we'll harvest them soon
and the months of drying will begin

 i need to harvest and freeze these lovely greens 
as we won't be able to eat it all before they turn bitter.

the amazing blackberry canes.
we snacked on what they produced this year,
but their health suggests and even more abundant supply next Summer.

We are still harvesting tomatoes, herbs, green beans, sweet peppers, an assortment of greens and squash. However, the yellows and browns that now touch the leaves are an indication the garden is beginning its descent for this year. 


Amanda said…
Oh my, how lush, how full, how wonderful!!
Rachel said…
Yes, Amanda! More tomatoes were roasted today and herbs dehydrated. The goodness keeps on coming!