all from a pumpkin

What is is about becoming familiar with the people in our lives, that we become stingy in our love and show of affection? Is it simply taking the gift of the presence in our lives for granted? Does the familiarity for some reason breed selfishness? Why do some relationships begin as giving on both ends, but turn into taking from one side? Is this because some people are more susceptible to give and some more to take? Do we begin to withhold love when we know the person will only take it, not even acknowledge it; not even say, "Thank you?" {I'll admit right here that not hearing a "thank you" is a personal pet peeve!}

These and other thoughts began rolling around in my head simply because a stranger and his son gave our family a pumpkin. We were simply minding own business, relaxing and fishing this past week on a lake where we were camping and these strangers came to ask how we were doing and to inquire about the state park, which was new to them, They were pleasant people, and on their way out gave us a pumpkin, one of about one hundred, that they had just purchased at an Amish auction so that the son (a young boy around age ten) could have his own pumpkin stand and make a profit.

Gestures of kindness from strangers always get me thinking. I do know that if I'm capable of generosity and have the resources, then I should be generous. We always think of generosity in monetary terms, but I would have rather been given the beautiful pumpkin than a hundred dollar bill, hands down.