the weekend and schooling links

What a great weekend. It was full of gardening, biking, relaxing, making ice cream, reading, making hot fudge to go with the ice cream, catching creatures, finding amazing thrift store deals, archery and supplementing our own vegetables with farmer's market goodness. Believe it or not, all of that was done in a relaxing way. I had a list of, oh-these-activities-will-be-fun, but I've come to the place where I can live with our without doing what is on the list if other living comes along. All that we did, though, was so good.

Today we slid right into our schooling routine, which really has become our regular routine, we just get a bit more bookish come Autumn and Winter. I'm not sure what we'd do without making wide swaths of space for using our creativity and energy.

I've read two schooling posts recently that I enjoyed enough I'll link them here. We mostly follow the Charlotte Mason philosophy and this first link is to a post by Karen Andreola. Her book A Charlotte Mason Companion was an amazing resource when I first began our schooling at home journey.

We aren't unschoolers, but I enjoy the spirit and philosophy of unschooling and follow author and homesteader Ben Hewitt. His recent article for Outdoor Magazine provides a vivid, fascinating description of his life and how he and his wife raise their sons in Vermont.

So if you're interested in schooling articles, there you go! Otherwise, pictures of our own living can be viewed below.