Discontent is only the fear of missing something. 
Content is the knowledge 
that you aren't missing a thing worthwhile. 
Louise Dickinson Rich We Took To The Woods

I've always been thankful for the simple home we purchased all those years ago when we were expecting our first baby. Although both working at the time, my husband and I resolved to live on one income when the baby arrived. (Upon doing so? We instantly felt our standard of living had increased, not decreased!)

We had lived for years on only one of our incomes, and I think it showed! We did very little travel, lived in a small bungalow and paid school expenses since we both were responsible to pay for our own education. 

Living in such a way allowed us to create frugal habits and cultivate contentment. More than one person has made interesting comments about our home and lifestyle, but I can't help but think we've chosen so well. 

We have a smallish home that we can keep growing into (as all of it isn't finished yet) and it is easy to maintain, but a large yard (third of an acre) that we can use to garden and have animals all while being in an ideal location ten minutes from country life and ten minutes from the heart of the city. 

Does anyone know what they're doing when they're purchasing their first home? Probably not. And there was more work needed to love on this home than I anticipated, but the work has been a great learning experience. 

This past week on more than one occasion I've heard of situations where people's lives are complicated, mostly because of their choices and not just random things happening to them. This reminded me that our choices determine so much, and that by focusing on making choices that are a blessing to the people I relate to each day, my dear family, even if those choices seem simple and lacking accomplishment and social standing to some, well, there is so much more to life than how things appear and climbing ladders that many times go nowhere. 

I took these pictures throughout our week as all these thoughts were rolling around in my head. What amazing visual reminders of enjoying the beauty of each day and taking the time to see the growth happening all around me.