povitica: artisanal & heirloom

As a young wife with a full schedule I really had the desire to be domestic, but very little time to do so. I did make the plunge, however, to ask my Granny to teach me how to make Povitica. Her husband was a Croatian man and his sister, Mary, taught her to make this bread. I will never forget the day my Granny taught me in her kitchen how to make this artisanal, family heirloom. I realize those words, "artisanal" and "heirloom" are trendy these days, but this recipe really is that definition. This is a handmade bread made from a recipe passed down through a family who immigrated from Croatia in the early 1900's. Growing up, the smell of this baking on Christmas morning and sometimes Easter morning, was just what my siblings and I knew. As an adult, I realize how special it is and how it connects me to a people I really didn't know (I recall meeting two Croatian aunts and one great-aunt and great-uncle). I know the bread holds more meaning for my Granny, mom and aunts who had contact with more of those people. It's a treasure knowing how to prepare this special bread and share it at our family gathering this Christmas holiday. I finally remembered to document (most of) the process this year.

Prepare the Table
(dust with flour)

Stretch the Dough
(across the entire table; by far the most time consuming and back aching portion of the process!
the holes in the dough are fine since it is rolled up for baking.)

Add the Walnut Filling
(this filling is then spread over ALL the dough, which I forgot to photograph)

Place Dough in Prepared Pans
(the dough is rolled cinnamon roll-style, wrapped and then placed in pans.
the recipe makes 2 regular size loaves, but I adjusted the dough to make 4 loaves of varying sizes)

The Results

To Serve
(we slice the loaves, top with butter and toast in the oven before serving.
to our family, this is perfection!)

Extra Goodness
(my Granny taught me to use the excess dough to make cinnamon rolls.
these are tucked away in the freezer waiting for Christmas morning.)


Carla said…
It was beautiful and delicious. I'm so glad you were able to master making this! Love, Aunt Carla
Lorie said…
Love this blog post on the povitica. I will show it to Mom on Christmas day. Merry Christmas! Aunt Lorie
Rachel said…
Thank you, ladies. We've been slowing eating the last pieces here - trying to make it last! Thank you for showing the post to Granny, Lorie.