the sounds of music

It happens that I live in a home with musicians. 

Collectively, between these three, they have 14 practices and/or concerts this month. Well, if we need a theme for December, other than the obvious, we have music. When I was first married and my trumpeter husband practiced in our 700 square foot bungalow, I thought, "Oh my, that is more than loud!" I realized what a wonderful tool a trumpet mute is for muffling that sound!

Really, though, I love that my people express themselves this way. As quiet as I am, it's such a gift to have their soundtrack added to my life. Between these three I get to hear the sounds of children singing, the majesty of the trumpet, the metallic charm of the harmonica, the chime of the handbells, the grace of the piano and the glory of the organ.

My daughter began organ lessons this past week. Not only were we given an organ, but we stumbled across some free lessons given by a professional. The lessons are at a church, and my son, daughter and I were even given a tour of the inside of the pipe organ. It is not lost on me all the gifts listed in this one paragraph.

It's a tricky thing, this raising of children, keeping and eye on their gifts, making time and potentially spending money for them to explore their interests. This organ opportunity has been a long time in the making. Ella mentioned her interest more than a year ago, and I just tucked that information in my heart and began praying, because, really, I didn't have any idea how to pursue it. I followed a couple of leads, asked some questions but they led me nowhere. Then this fall I asked one more question to one more contact and the pieces of this puzzle began fitting together.

As we've lived life with our children it's been amazing to see how patience and prayer are such a great compliment to making decisions. My husband and I do believe God uses circumstances coupled with His Spirit's peace to guide us. And really? What a relief because there are quite a few decisions to make on the children's behalf, and how can we teach them to decided calmly rather than rashly if we don't?

The bugles atop our Christmas tree are a first for us. They are old items that came into my life along with my husband, of course. I think they adorn the tree beautifully and are a sweet symbol of all the music that graces our home and lives.

Now, there is a Christmas card to put together, baking to commence and music to listen to (James Taylor at Christmas, Josh Groban's Noel, and Enya's And Winter Came are favorites!) while I do so.