here we move

It's always around November that we get our cold weather groove on. Before that point all of us are restless (some more than others) and we haven't found our hibernating ways yet. November seems to consistently be the turning month, where indoors is the best place to be finding more than enough to entertain us here.

So by January our routine is set, until the warmth of April comes to us. Right now we wake, prepare ourselves for the day, do most of our written work and music practice in the mornings, enjoy a leisurely lunch always accompanied by reading, continue work associated with reading and creating in the afternoon, have some free time in the late afternoon, eat dinner as a family and then enjoy each other until bedtime. This is our life this time of year, with errands, music lessons and enjoying friends tossed in there too. Simple, yet full and fun in its own quiet way. I'm soaking it up now, because these dark, cozy days will be gone too soon.


Anna said…
I love your perspective on this season! And ... I've always wanted to do a paint-by-number. How fun!
Rachel said…
Thank you, Anna. I've been enjoying myself your posts on your time in France, and your perspective on recent events there and adjusting your life to your own season. Maybe you can find some French paint-by-numbers there - what fun that would be!