contrasts and transitions

A certain young lady transitioned in January from age ten to eleven. She was celebrated with ice cream cake, carnations, her favorite pizza and books, books, books. Having her in our lives has changed us. It's really too emotional to write about the specifics on this blog, but I hope to honor all that she means to me by living each day fully, diligently as her mother.

We were provided amazing weather, so many moments were spent breathing fresh air, roaming the yard, jumping on the trampoline, playing in the sand pile. What gifts for the month of January! A day in the 70's allowed my son and I to meet friends at our favorite nature park to hike for three hours. A special day for this homemaking, homeschooling mom! 

The last day of January we finally began receiving snow. My children have been seriously unhappy about their lack of play in the snow. So as it still accumulates today they have hope to enjoy it tomorrow.