we know how to pick 'em

Apparently, Jesse and I feel the need to take the children on hikes that take us off the trail and encourage us to create our own path through the woods. This is our definition of excitement, it seems. We researched. We printed a map. We chose a path less than two miles long to hike on a warm day. But what did we know? Something, but not everything! The past week's snow having just melted we knew it would be muddy, but not SO muddy. Our map showed us a trail that should have been a simple loop. However,  it wasn't well marked and we ended up on a trail that wasn't on the park map. We've decided to e-mail the park to suggest they update their online map. Not everyone hikes with a compass-using, Eagle Scout husband!

So we had some unexpected detours on our three-hour, "1.5 mile" hike, but really I was so delighted to be out in the woods. Just being there is refreshment. The quiet. The barren trees. The lake view. The Eastern Bluebird sightings (a first for me!). With all of our responsibilities it would be easy to dismiss adventures such as this, but the physical exercise, mental clarity, time together and learning opportunities are too much to deny. Both children were quite the troopers, and even with our detour our son didn't complain one time, and our daughter, although quite discouraged and tired, didn't succumb to being emotional. I'm so proud of them both! 

Rock Ledges Nature Trail at Lake Jacomo in Fleming Park


Your family inspires me every time to get out into nature! It's been pretty unbearable here:)