opening to the sun

So many blooms. 

Crocus, Forsythia, Hawthorne, Creeping Phlox, Quince, Magnolia.

The world, just weeks ago awash in gray and brown, is now startlingly beautiful, radiant with purples, yellows, pinks, whites against the backdrop of bright green.

Do you ever look at the buds on trees, bushes? Up close? Well, at first there is nothing there. The buds are hidden in the branches and then slowly they emerge, a tight ball of color. Gradually, coaxed by the warmth and the sunlight, they unfurl. 

Just weeks away from hibernation the world is all at once come to life. We too are living more, enjoying the opportunities this weather affords us. And I know to savor it as our Midwest summers are guaranteed to bring the heat. 

At different moments during my days, when I have a few moments I go out and stand on our deck to soak up the sun. There's nothing like the warmth of the sun. It's amazing how you can feel the rejuvenating qualities! 

Still to come, almost ready to bloom are the Clematis, Roses, and Peonies.

Our little world has spring fever, and so do we!