2015 Tree, Bush & Flower List

Since I've made a list of our vegetables, herbs and fruit I may as well make a list of all the plants that provide color to our yard, the trees, bushes and flowers. It's an understatement to say we have a lot of plants. When we first moved in the previous owners had done a bit of landscaping. Over the course of 12 years we've taken out six unhealthy trees and removed two flower beds, the location of which we did not like.

The list below contains all the trees, bushes and flowers on our property. They are divided into three lists: previous owners, hand-me-downs, and purchased by our family.

Once people find out you enjoy gardening they love to give transplants of what they've grown. This is the only way we have as many floral plants as we do. Bushes and trees are very expensive, so we say, "yes" when offered anything, even if it means we have to dig it out of the ground and transplant it ourselves. If I counted correctly we have 28 transplants from other gardeners; our yard is pretty because of their generosity!

Also, bushes and perennial flowers grow so large over time that for them to be healthy they have to be divided; that is also a great way to expand your garden without purchasing new plants. We also grow flowers from seed. One packet of zinnias (containing over 100 seeds) costs the same or less as a container of 4 zinnia plants. Seeds can be saved each year from the dried bloom of the flower. We save seed each year from each flower listed below that is planted as an annual. These are things to consider!

I've included pictures, but only of what has already bloomed this year!

Previous Owners
Japanese Maple (2)

Purple Irises

Rose Vine, red

Rose Bush, yellow

Snow on the Mountain groundcover
Sugar Maple


Bleeding Heart bush
Burning bush

Cypress Vine (planted by seed, yearly)

"Fly" bush (we don't know the name, but it attracts flies! It's beautiful and we have it on the side of the house so we don't have to be near the flies.)
Forsythia bushes (2 which we've divided into 4)

Fountain Grass (2)

Hawthorn tree

Honeysuckle vine

Hydrangea bush, Annabelle (4)
Hydrangea bush, Oakleaf

Lavendar bush

Magnolia tree (2)
Morning Glory vine, white (planted by seed, yearly)

Orange Lilies

Peony bushes (7)

Purchased by the Bowmans
Burning bush (3)
Butterfly bush (4)

Clematis vine (2)

Cosmos (planted by seed, yearly)
Creeping Jenny groundcover
Creeping Phlox, Purple
Creeping Phlox, White

Fountain Grass (2)

Kousa Dogwood tree

Lilac bush (1 - which we've divided into 3) 

Morning Glory vine, purple (planted by seed, yearly)

Ninebark bush (2)

Peegee Hydrangea bush (3)

Sand Cherry bush
Speedwell Veronica groundcover

Sunflowers  (planted by seed, yearly)

Trumpet Vine

Zinnias  (planted by seed, yearly)


Anna said…
Beautiful. I particularly love your bearded iris!