{more of} the spring garden

I love how I'm always astonished at the beauty of Spring.
I've decided to thank Winter. 
Come Spring, I can't believe I'm able embrace Winter.
It must be that I'm resigned to hibernate in the gray coldness.
But Spring?
Oh, Spring is so good. 

Life! Color! Beauty! 
Hard Work! Garden Eats! 

And because I'm a slow learner,
I need these pictures of God's goodness.

Seeing life come from seemingly nothing.
Seeing growth come after a period of rest.
Seeing the sun and rain 
draw forth what is hiding below the ground.
Seeing tiny seeds become magnificent plants.

These pictures parallel God's internal work in people 
~ me, my children, my husband.

God does the work and I get to see the beauty
in choices, attitudes, actions, relationships
that result.

But the fruit of the Spirit is 
love, joy, peace
gentleness, goodness,
faith, meekneess, 
Against such, there is so law.
Galatians 5:22-23



Male wren preparing a home for his bride


Handsome before his music concert

Homegrown strawberries ~ a first for us

Beauty before her music concert

Kousa Dogwood blooms

Another strawberry ~ these are so tasty and easy to grow