off adventuring

Our family just took an amazing, first-time vacation to South Dakota. Our road trip consisted of almost 2,000 miles and making great memories. Above is a picture of my favorite people at our first stop in Badlands National Park. Impressive just doesn't cover it. The park is 240,000 acres and there is a convenient loop off the main state highway that takes you through the park. There are manageable trails you can hike for short excursions, and also longer trails if you want to tackle a day-long or overnight adventure. Our drive in was so windy we didn't do much on our first time in, but since the pass drivers purchase is good for one week we planned to see the Badlands again on our way home and enjoyed even more time there, on a less windy day. I'll have more pictures soon of our beautiful getaway, but first I'm happily settling back into home life.