sioux falls

So we are back in the groove of home life after a week in South Dakota, but I am intentionally taking the time to remember our time away. It was peaceful, beautiful, relaxing; the farthest away we've been from home with the children. It was quite meaningful to me.

The drive to western South Dakota, the Black Hills, is about 12 hours one way but we decided to break it up into two days. We spent the night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and my research beforehand showed me an amazing park, Falls Park, in the downtown area. I figured we would roll into town mid-afternoon, a perfect time to explore the park a couple of hours before we ate dinner and checked into our hotel. That's exactly what we did.

Obviously, the falls are beautiful. There are paved trails that surround the park and you can climb on the rocks too. You can see the ruins of the old mill, the original train bridge and eat a dinner or snack in the converted power and light building now called Falls Overlook Cafe. Our plan for the trip was to fix our own breakfasts, eat a picnic lunch and then eat out for a big dinner, so we did eat at the cafe. It was appropriately priced, good food and we were filled with energy to move on - a perfect trifecta for us!

If we lived locally we'd absolutely frequent this park; it's the town's gem.