exploration in the badlands


When driving to western South Dakota you pass the Badlands. The state has made an easy loop off the main highway which takes you through the Badlands and then back to the highway for you to continue your way to Rapid City.

This allowed us to conveniently stop on the way to our destination and on the way back home. The above picture is from our first stop. It was obviously windy. The wind was so strong (40 mph.) that we had to hold onto our hats, and my daughter and I decided not to explore that day. Jesse and Roone had fun and scouted out places for us to enjoy on the way home. The pictures below are from that time; it was warm, sunny and not windy!

The Badlands are so called because the land is make up of silt, is barren and the terrain changes with rain and wind. Pioneers came here, settled, and failed. However, even the barren landscape quite stunning and beautiful in its own way.

Each destination of our vacation held something specifically special about it, and I think this was the best place to take the time to explore.