june gardening update

Last month I gave my garden update in mid-month before we traveled to South Dakota, so throughout gardening season I'll keep with the mid-month updates. 

May could be called "hope"month for gardeners as seeds begin to sprout and plants are put in the ground. June can be called the "whoa!" month as all the hope springs forth and grows! 

 20x20 Garden - May

20x20 Garden - June

Vegetable Garden - May

Vegetable Garden - June

Sweet Basil 

 Pole Green Beans & Tomatoes

Bush Green Beans 

Carrots & Romas 



  Squash Bloom

Kale & Pole Green Beans 


Pole Lima Beans 


May provided excessive amounts of rainfall for the gardens, and June, although not as excessive, has been good to us as well. Our five rain barrels are full and unused. It seems there has been an amazing amount of both rainfall and sunlight so far to make one happy garden. 

Daily we eat kale salads, have already enjoyed spinach, lettuce and strawberries. Just yesterday my husband picked the first of the cucumbers so that is one more fresh veggie to add to our diet. The beans, squash and tomatoes should come next and then the potatoes some time in late July. 

It's amazingly lush out there, so beautiful too! Quite a space for us to enjoy.

Our To Do list is minimal, but we do need to keep our eyes out for squash bugs and be diligent to tie the tomato vines so they don't break. Other than that it's a bit of weeding and a lot of harvesting.