the belles

Again with the flower pictures!

However, these I get to enjoy each day at my own home.

Annabelle Hydrangeas - what beauties!
These bushes are easy to grow.
They are planted on the north side of the house 
so they receive morning sun
and just a bit of afternoon sun.
If they received straight on afternoon sun for hours
they wouldn't be happy (wilted, dried, burnt).

These are sweet flowers as they were hand-me-downs 
from Jesse's aunt when she moved,
about nine years ago. 
They are quite established and could really be divided this fall,
we just need to find another location
for the divided portions.

The creamy white color fades to a soft sage as the bloom dries,
and we usually leave them be until Fall 
when we cut the plant back for the Winter.


Susanna said…
Oh my goodness, just breathtaking! I planted a hydrangea last year and it's fizzled already.:(