Bullhead Catfish, Lake Jacomo at Fleming Park, June 2015

A couple days ago we celebrated Roone's birthday.

It's a gift to us to share the day with him
and make it special.

This picture epitomizes my son,
which is why it is so fun!

He readily expresses his love for life and people,
and it charms us that he is so energetic and extroverted.
(As a little guy it threw us for a loop,
but we've happily adjusted and are no longer loopy!)

He currently can't get enough of 
biking, swimming, fishing, basketball, legos
and reading the How to Train Your Dragon books.

He is kind, thoughtful, generous,
fun and entertaining ~
such gifts for our family ~
and now we get to experience him at age nine!


Lorie said…
Adorable. I love this boy.