from the home garden

One of my favorite things about Summer
is tending our vegetable garden
which provides a bounty to create fresh food dishes.

Below are just a few dishes I've created within the past month.
They are all easy and delicious.

The quiche, squash ribbon pasta and potato salad
were first tried this year, and they are favorites.
Since the quiche doesn't include a crust it's lighter than usual.
Since the potato salad is homemade I'm able to adjust the
ingredients to not be (as we say) "gloopy!"
The squash ribbon pasta is also light and seems to have 
the perfect blend of ingredients for a Summer dish, lunch or dinner.

I'm cherishing these fresh food moments,
knowing the season is fleeting.

The ingredients listed in italics are from our home garden.

Hat's off to food photographers as I think it's a difficult thing to do!
I think I take okay pictures of flowers and children,
but making food dishes look delicious is quite the task.

Salad ~ Kale, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Parmesan Cheese 
drizzled with olive oil

Kale Rolls ~ Kale, Bacon, Hamburger and Basil
wrapped in an egg roll and fried in canola oil

 Salad ~ Kale, Cucumber, Cranberries and Pecans
drizzled with olive oil

Meat Dish ~ Kielbasa, Green Beans and Onion sauteed in olive oil
served over slices of baked Potatoes (not pictured)

Quiche (without a crust) ~ Eggs, Kale, Whole Milk, Parmesan Cheese,
Cheddar Cheese and Salt

Potato Salad ~ Boiled Egg, Pickles, Potatoes,
Mayonnaise and Mustard

Cucumber Juice ~ to freeze for smoothies

Squash Ribbon Pasta ~ Fettuccine, Squash, Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic,
and Olive Oil. Served with Parmesan Cheese (not pictured).
Simply cook fettuccine, reserve 1 cup of water.
Saute chopped tomatoes in olive oil, set aside
Bring squash ribbons (the peeled outer layers of squash),
chopped onion and garlic to a boil in reserved water.
Add fettuccine and boil for 1 minute.
Add tomatoes and serve sprinkled with Parmesan cheese