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 Green Beans

Basil and Squash



This time of year is so abundant with produce
from our home garden.
I buy very little produce from the grocery store,
mainly onions and fruit.

I'm so impressed by my Kale!
It was planted in March and is still providing.
Bitter by nature it gets unedibly (which isn't a word) bitter
when near the end of its "life."
However, it's still growing mostly shaded under the 
green bean arch so it's not overly bitter and we're still reaping it.

I'm ready to see red added to to my home produce selection.
Our tomato plants are loaded with fruit,
the temperatures just need to be consistently hot for them to ripen.
That hasn't happened this week with temperatures in the 70's.
Hopefully the heat will turn up this weekend with highs in the 80's and 90's.