august garden

Lungo Bianca Zucchini

Carrot Tops

Amish Paste Romas

Patty Pan Squash


Christmas Pole Lima Beans

Green Peppers

Missouri Wonder Pole Beans

Pole Bean Arch

Recently Picked Pole Beans

The (mostly) Herb Garden

The stars of the garden now are green peppers and green beans.

Roma tomatoes and squash are still trickling in.

Kale planted a month ago is now supplying.

The Lima Beans are a slow grower, so hopefully we'll begin to reap them the end of September.

I need to begin harvesting the carrots, but they grow beneath the jungle of Romas and I'm delaying since this time of year also means swarms of bugs are happy living in that jungle.

Arwen is laying in front of the herb garden which is still producing. The trellis of morning glory looks close to death, but is still blooming so I'm hesitant to take it down.

We extended the length of the Blackberry supports because of their amazing growth, and will hopefully create a similar support system for our new (hand-me-down) Raspberry bushes.

This time of year I begin to think of next year's garden. It's because I see how well our current garden produced and can only think of what else I want to grow! More Potatoes! Winter Squash! Onions! This means more space. The grid for 2016 has been tentatively created and we'll see if next year's garden matches the vision. When I open the freezer, see the bounty then look at the basket of garlic ready for use, I just can't help myself!

I'm very thankful Jesse set the standard twelve years ago. "Our home must have a large yard."