{so much of} this & that

The change of the season always seem to come when, instinctively, we're ready for it.

The Spring and Summer are highly active times for us. Swimming, yard work, fishing, biking and more! And of course we were ready for all that activity because of being cooped up during the Winter. Since we live in an area with the four seasons we get a few months to enjoy a certain lifestyle and then are ready to move onto another. 

This Summer was a time of transition for us. I had become so used to Jesse working from home that I'm learning a new way now that he is full-time at the office. Five years is a long time to be in one routine! However, we've transitioned more easily than I thought. Mondays are hard because beginning Friday evenings we go, go go. I fill our weekend schedule and we all love it; then comes Monday as something of a downer! We all have our respective work to do which helps us to at least focus on something besides being sad dad is at work away from home. 

Other than Monday we have days full of schooling, which the children take to so well, and I have the goal of getting the garden beds ready for Spring. If I can clear out the old and prep the soil now, all I have to do is plant come Spring. Sounds like a good plan if I make the time to do the work!

We've had a few hot days in the 90's in early September and I've been ready for the cool down to come. It did this past week, and although we always have a few days that jump up into the 80's in this month, we'll mostly be cooler. The A/C is off, the windows are open, sweaters and slippers are at the ready and I'm planning fun Fall activities. Who's ready for a day-long hike? My children said "no," but I think I'll bring them along anyway, and my Eagle Scout as our guide too.