sunday beauty: balloon flower

I think everyone has certain items they enjoy purchasing more than others.

For me, I'm always susceptible to buying books and plants!

When Jesse or I happen to be at Lowe's we browse the Lawn and Garden section
just to see if there is anything on clearance. 
Late July Jesse came across Honeysuckle vines for $7, which is a great price. 
He snatched up two of those.

Just last week we came across some other great deals,
one being these Balloon Flowers,
just costing $1 instead of $4.
I'll take that 75% off discount and take 6, please.

Isn't the balloon bloom so uniquely beautiful?
Usually discounted plants are obviously struggling 
with a lack of blooms, dry soil and browning leaves
but these were in perfect condition.
Plus, they are perennials, and should grow to two feet by two feet year after year.

If only all my book and plant purchases were so frugal!