the pause

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn!

After the heat of Summer
it's time to take these 70 degree days and live them up.
On the 80 degree days that sneak in we sigh, 
get through it and know the chilly days are coming again.

It's time for pumpkin spice doughnuts,
sprucing up the house
and enjoying the last gardening moments.
Although clearing the garden is on the To Do list
we are planting Lowe's clearance items instead.
The clearing will come;
my husband has taught me to be flexible that way.
If it's not urgent it's no big deal to put it on hold
when another opportunity ($1 asters!) comes along.

I feel like this time of year is the pause
between the extreme heat and the bitter cold.
Time to breathe fresh air.
Time to enjoy the outdoors.
Autumn always seems to fly by,
but we'll try to make the most of it while it's here.

lavender blooms and a pumpkin spice doughnut 

 sprucing up our pre-teens room
she chose orange for the walls - so autumnal of her!

uh-oh, lowe's discount section again
asters for $1 each ~ perennial beauty for this gardener