the september garden

cypress vine


garden spider


rapicante squash

garden spider

crepe myrtle pods 

fresh from the garden carrots and peppers  


garden vegetables for stirfry

No complaining here. 

The last two weeks I have without apology served homemade pizzas with kale salad, vegetable soups and stir fries more then once. Why? The garden is still producing, and these dishes are just so good made with fresh vegetables. My family hasn't complained either as these meals are some of their favorites, and also provide yummy leftovers.

The September garden is one that is still colorful, but now layered with shades of brown. Leaves scatter the lawn. The temperatures are dropping. The production is slowing, and really the garden will be cleared soon. I'll take these last, small gifts willingly (even some raspberries!); they allow me to keep my freezer storage untouched and enjoy freshness for a few more weeks.

The taste, ease and frugality of tending a garden is now too much to do without.