Good morning!

6 am - 
wake up, let dogs outside and boil water for coffee

615 am - 
pour water over ground coffee in the french press

630 am - 

make omelets for breakfast and sit down with Jesse to chat before the day begins

7-730 am - 

make squash pasta with chicken for dinner 

8 am - 

prepare apples and peanut butter for the children's breakfasts

830 am - 

set out children's To Do lists, 
start the dishwasher and head outside

830-9 am - 

create a new flower bed because I have cardboard and compost, so why not?

9-945 am - 

mow the backyard
listening to music to pass the time

945-10 am - 

admire my work

10 am - 

prepare iced coffee and take a hot shower

1030 am - 

put clothes in the washing machine
look at the weight bench and consider a few leg lifts, but console self with having just mowed the backyard

1045 am - 

look over children's schoolwork and am pleased

1115 am - 

go to the library; check-out fifty-two books and am pleased

12 pm - 

back home for lunch and reading

1 pm - 

unload the dishwasher and load it again
Ella puts clothes in the dryer

130 pm - 

research music on the computer

2-3 pm - 

read a U.S. atlas while children playing Nintendo
research locations for 2016 family vacation

3-330 pm - 

vacuum and dust (Roone helps)
Ella lays out clothes from the dryer

330-4 pm - 
read The Penderwicks in Spring to the children while they snack

4-5 pm -
consider a blog post and write this time-line

5-530 pm -
finish odds and ends before Jesse arrives home

530-6 pm - 
dinner as a family

6-730 pm - 
watching Roone try out his new roller skates (with Jesse's assistance) while taking pictures of the crispy garden for an August update

730-8 pm - 
brewing ice tea and making popcorn, showers, reading

8 pm -
Roone's light is turned off

8-930 pm - 
british t.v., reading and chatting for the parents

9 pm - 
Ella's light is turned off

930 pm - 
The parent's light is turned off

Good night!

(Our days are similar, yet no two are alike. This was fun to put together to see the play-by-play!)


Lorie said…
I love this!