october splendor

What does the season mean to me? 
I think about it as I circle back to the house. 

The one word that expresses it would be SPLENDOR
October is the JEWEL set in the hand of time. 

I must be certain 
that I have given my heart humbly to the glory, 
which is the GIFT OF GOD

every bright hour must be cherished. 

Stillmeadow Road by Gladys Taber

When I first read these words in Stillmeadow Road this Summer, I thought, I can't wait to live in the month of October again! Those who live through the four seasons know what a treasure this month is. Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect sweater weather. Hues of gold, brown and red color the days. The busyness of the holiday season is still at bay.

Our first Saturday of October was designated for yard work. Leading up to this day I was able to take time here and  there throughout the week to clear the rest of the garden. This enabled Jesse to take a truck load of brush away in the morning and also get a load of compost. More compost because we have what I like to say are gardening issues and  have created more gardening beds.  So the load of compost was distributed. We were able to  mow both the front and back lawns too. 

I was also able to divide and transplant lilies and Annabelle hydrangeas. My husband has taught me how to divide plants and it is one of the easiest, most frugal things one can do in the yard. From our large bushes in the front I took portions and gave myself eight new plants to fill out some beds in the back.  Hydrangeas are pricey! To purchase those eight plants outright would most likely cost between $100-$150. 

I guess that sounds like a lot of work, and we were very tired by mid-afternoon when we completed our work. However, it was worth it. Taking a large chunk of time to do these chores allows us to get a lot done in one day and then take other Saturdays for outings with the children. The kids definitely won't let us get away with gardening the Autumn away! (On a side note gardening is a great work out. I can't even count the number of squats I do! )

This work was one way, though, to enjoy the splendor of October. In the upcoming weeks we'll find other ways to enjoy it as well.


Susanna said…
I wish I lived closer; I'd love some hydrangeas!:) Although, I'm not sure how well they do in Colorado; I never see them here. Do you plant any fall veggies or flowers?
Rachel said…
I always plant Kale and Spinach to reap a few plants in the Fall before the cold snap arrives. I can't help but purchase mums each year; they're too autumnal not to. The roses, lavender and asters are the last of the plants to bloom, but all the leaves from the bushes and trees are turning which is the best color this time of year.