christmas break

The children and I keep to a steady schooling routine so when it's time to take a break it really feels like we've worked for it. Since we take two weeks off for Thanksgiving, it's a bit difficult to focus over the next three weeks leading up to our Christmas break. Of course the focus begins with me, and I encourage myself to be diligent  knowing a two week break of fun is coming soon, along with Jesse being off for most of that time. 

So here we are on break! It's a sweet time. The weather is mild and dry which makes getting out for errands and events easy. However, it is regularly quite gray and this morning I found myself already longing for Spring when today is the first day of Winter. Yikes! In reality, I shouldn't think about Spring, but enjoy this season, these days. 

There is baking and reading, football and movie watching, dog sitting, the final gift wrapping, card writing and coloring. The children at this age are an amazing help. The holidays change as the children age, and are still precious, just in a different way. Although there is nothing like the expression of a young child receiving and giving gifts, their little hands to hold and little words to hear; I'm truly enjoying watching my children express their love for others this time of year, learning to serve, love, give of themselves. The wonder of the early years is somewhat gone, but the enjoyment and understanding is fuller. 

Chocolate-Pecan Pie Bars were made for Jesse's work party. Since this was the first-time I baked them I had to, of course, taste test. Oh my. It's a good thing those were going out the door! Tomorrow I'll put together peppermint bark and caramel corn for Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day we're attempting apple pie cookies. If they turn out I'll share.

We've been listening to The Hobbit audio book as a family. This is such a wonderful, cozy activity to close out the day. We're usually all ready for bed and this helps the kids relax before bed time. If you've never done so, try it out with one of your favorite books; you might like it!

I probably won't be back to post until after the holiday weekend. So for those who are reading (mostly family and close friends!) Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping in this space to see how our family is growing and adventuring.