the early morning & violets

The Violets are in bloom and have spread so much through our yard that they look like purple polka dots on a sea of green.

I mowed the backyard yesterday and so had a closeup of all that was going on in the yard; saw firsthand all the weeds needing pulled!

I am up early today. Sometimes this happens. Yesterday I filled my day with all sorts of wonderfulness. Schooling happened. Reading the Jungle Book happened (a new movie comes out soon and I was curious about the original story ~ it is beautifully written and the children loved it too). 

Pizza was planned for dinner, so dough was made and ingredients assembled. I doubled everything to make two large pizzas ~ the children eat so much now, and I  love it because it means they're growing. I noticed the last of the shredded zucchini in the freezer and felt the need to also make zucchini chocolate chip bread. 

Because there was order indoors I decided to take myself outdoors. The grass was ready to mow, and if I took the time, then not only would I get exercise, but Jesse would simply need to weed eat (I don't touch that tool) and that would leave ample time for us as a family. 

The original spring blooms of Forsythia, Quince, Magnolia are fading, but the Clematis and Peonies are on the verge of bursting. It is only early April but already so warm it feels like the first of May and that I should be planting tomatoes. I will wait on the tomatoes, but do need to scatter my carrot seed soon. 

So even though yesterday was full to brimming you'd think I'd be so tired that I would deeply sleep. Sometimes the full to brimming days actually work in just the opposite way for me, they are so invigorating that I can't sleep. Since this has happened on more than one occasion, waking in the early-morning, I know what to do. Rise, make tea, and read. Maybe watch a British mystery. On the rare occasion write a post. 

Today doesn't look to be as full, so maybe this night my mind will rest and let me sleep.