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Sunday, May 15, 2016

current sounds of spring

The echo of two Barred owls exchanging their hoots "who cooks for you."
Roaring mowers from morning to evening (I might just be the neighborhood's earliest mower...but never before 8.30 am).
The tree frog and his terrible croak have returned for the season. He begins his serenade as I am just going to sleep, and as it is not a lullaby I do not appreciate it.
A visiting Boxer at the neighbors consistently barking for our Lab to have fun running the fence. At age ten, Arwen doesn't care to run the fence anymore, and the Boxer is left to run alone, while continuing to bark.
Today the weather is calm and clear, but we've had plenty of thunderstorms already. We all agree that the crashes of thunder and strikes of lightning are comforting (we are true Midwesterners) as long as the storms don't bring damage.

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