end of april garden

white peony

burning bush


 greens and two cherry tomato plants, in new boxes just off the deck


4 of the 8 annabelle hydrangeas transplanted from last fall
they look happy in their new homes 

onions, with raspberries spreading in between 


cobbler potatoes already receiving their first hilling of dirt

a few romas 

pink peony

I'm usually a stickler for waiting until May to plant my tomatoes, peppers, beans and from-seed flowers. However, April's warmth was too enticing so late last week I happily purchased and planted our tomato and pepper plants.

If I were to give a rundown on what we have planted it would be as follows:

  • Tomatoes: 2 cherry, 7 beefsteak, 1 tomatillo and 26 roma
  • Peppers: 2 sweet bell
  • Carrots: parisienne and chanterlay
  • Beans: bush green, pole green, pole lima and pole red
  • Potatos: finglering, cobbler and purple viking
  • Cucumbers, Kale, Spinach, Lettuce, Beets
  • Flowers: morning glory, cosmos, zinnia
  • Still to Plant: watermelon, squash, pumpkins, cypress vine and more zinnia and cosmos
Gardening in Spring is really very easy, if your garden structure is set and your soil is ready. Now comes the time to stay on top of weeding and providing support to plants, as necessary, so they don't break from the wind or succumb to the havoc wreaked by Midwest storms. 

My stash of tomatoes lasted until March, so I'd like to have an even greater supply to last for sauce until next year's plants begin producing in July. I still have green beans and peppers in the freezer so we grow plenty of those. Garlic was in such abundance that we gave some away recently knowing we'll have a new supply in a couple of months. The onions look amazing and it would be nice to have a yearly stash available on hand since those are used almost daily. We've doubled the amount of potato space, and although I don't think what we grow will last us an entire year, I'd like to see if these six boxes can provide enough for six months. I've expanded how much carrot seed has been planted too. My freezer stash lasted through January, but it would be nice for an even greater amount to store of this vegetable. Since I eat a salad almost daily I'll be happy for the most immediate gratification of kale, spinach and lettuce leaves ready to pick. 

Every year it seems I am that much more pleased than the last with our use of space. The square foot boxes really do maximize our space so well. We have quite a large backyard, maybe 1/4 of an acre, and half of that is used for vegetables and fruit. 

More than one person has mentioned or expected us to move out to greater acreage knowing how much we enjoy the garden and outdoor activities. However, I'm really pleased that what we have created here is so enjoyable, produces so much for us and, above all, is manageable. Greater acreage means more money spent and more labor invested in a piece of land. Right now that doesn't appeal to us, but enjoying with our children what we have does. 


Susanna said…
Your peonies are stunning! It snowed last weekend, mega storm. Makes me long for the Midwest living.:)
Rachel said…
The Midwest would happily welcome you back, Sus!